Since its birth in 1999, LABAF has manifested as a yearly ritual for top-notch publishers, adherent book lovers, literary activists and artists of all hues, attracting huge patronage from members of the public across ages and divergent persu-asions. Starting with this (2017) edition, LABAF has expanded to a comprehensive SEVEN-day fully-packed ‘feast of IDEAS and LIFE.

It is conceived and designed as a campaign for LITERACY & HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT through such interactive events as reading sessions, conversations (around books and ideas in the context of national and global polity), exhibitions of books (and other publications), art & craft, Children/Students/Youths creative workshops and mentoring; live music, drama, dance and poetry performances. This is the one book event with high children participation. Every year, LABAF plays host to over 2000 children and students, who are mentored through workshops on paintings, writings, readings, craft making, drama, dance, poetry and lots more; a range of experience, but most crucially, discussions around books. The festival commands a huge profile in the traditional and social media.

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